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The Best Grab Rail for Your Budget

The Best Grab Rail for Your Budget

28th May 2024

Wondering how grab rail price affects quality? Or simply curious about how to get the best for your budget? You’re in the right place.

When it comes to selecting essential mobility aids for the elderly, disabled people or people who need an extra hand staying mobile, it’s crucial not to cut corners. Where people’s health, mobility and independence are at stake, trust in providers who are committed to creating fully Doc M and DDA-compliant bathroom grab rails that you can count on - like BOYCO.

We’ve been innovating in the healthcare sector for over 60 years. In that time we’ve built a business committed to producing only the best quality equipment. Due to this, we always ensure that our grab rail prices are always kept competitive and reflective of our market-leading durability due to our unique ability to manufacture everything in-house at our Stockport factory.

We’re here to guide you through how to find the best grab rail for your budget and take you through all of the factors that affect pricing and quality. That way, you’ll know how to find grab rails that meet the standards your building project deserves.

Factors that Affect Grab Rail Prices


Grab rails can generally be made from stainless steel, aluminium, or plastic. Stainless steel is the most durable and expensive option, while plastic rails are the most affordable. This can impact the overall grab rail price dramatically. As grab rails are depended on by people to keep them safe and mobile, we think it’s important never to cut corners. BOYCO’s grab rails are all made with mild steel for durability.


It might go without saying, but the longer grab rails are, the more they generally cost. For instance, a 400mm fixed grab rail will naturally cost more than a 750mm fixed grab rail because it contains almost double the raw materials to make. Find out the most common grab rail sizes with our guide to which you should choose for your build.


Certain types of rails have a speciality finish which can increase the overall grab rail price. At BOYCO all of our grab rails are coated with Hot Dip Nylon, which has unique properties for the healthcare sector, such as:

  • - Our grab rails are uniquely antimicrobial. The use of silver ion product technology means that 99% of known bacteria cannot survive on the surface of grab rails coated with BOYCO’s unique Hot Dip Nylon.
  • - Our grab rails aren’t cold to the touch, meeting DDA compliance for grab rails to be comfortable to grip for the people who use them.
  • - Our unique Hot Dip Nylon coating is extracted from a renewable source making it an environmentally sustainable choice for your equipment.
  • - Our Hot Dip Nylon coating is Class 1 fire resistant in order to give superior health and safety protection to the people who use grab rails.

Brand Reputation

Not every brand shares the same commitment to quality or is founded on the same manufacturing heritage as BOYCO. We work meticulously to control the process of manufacture - from design right through to creation and quality control.

All of our BOYCO bathroom grab rails are made in our Stockport manufacturing facility to exacting specifications. That way, when you buy from BOYCO, you know you’re buying a product that is built to last. We’re so confident in our brand quality we even give a 3-year warranty for all of our grab rails.

Basic vs. Premium Grab Rail Models

We understand that different building projects come with different budgets. Sometimes value is the top priority and in other cases, there’s room for more premium aesthetic touches. Wherever possible BOYCO offers options to suit both scenarios, so you can come away with something that suits your build best.

Take our 650mm wall mounted hinged grab rail

Standard: Our standard model is anything but basic. Made with a unique counter balanced arm, the hinge can be easily operated with a simple touch of a finger. It is manufactured using 32mm diameter mild steel and coated with our antimicrobial Hot Dip Nylon, benefiting from our innovative silver ion technology - meaning 99% of known bacteria cannot survive on its surface.

And, as a cherry on the cake, our Hot Dip Nylon is made using only non-toxic raw materials, meaning you can feel good about the sustainability of your hinged grab rail purchase.

Premium: The premium wall mounted 650m hinged grab rail is made with the same material quality and core functionalities as our standard model, but the design is slightly finessed. These types of rails feature:

  • - The 'swan neck' ergonomic style arm which is a sleek addition to the hinged grab rail and is available in 3 colours
  • - Substantial 5-point fixing plates with concealed fixings, giving the grab rails unrivalled durability when attached to a wall.
  • - Concealed hub and pivot points to prevent fingers from becoming trapped when the hinged counter balanced arm is pulled up or down.
  • - A larger 44mm diameter grab rail, designed to be more comfortable to grab onto and hold for people with arthritic conditions. 

Jessica Oliver, Marketing Manager at BOYCO, explains why this particular feature was developed:

‘We chose to create a larger diameter to ensure the utmost comfort and grip. Ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of people's hands, they help the user to feel more safe and secure.’

Jessica, Marketing Manager at BOYCO.

Bathroom Grab Rails with Enduring Quality

When it comes to selecting the best bathroom grab rails for your budget, it's essential to strike a balance between grab rail price and quality. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, it's vital to remember that grab rails play a vital role in ensuring the safety, mobility, and independence of those who rely on them.

By choosing BOYCO, you can trust that you're investing in grab rails that are built to last, comply with the highest standards, and provide the support and stability that users need.

Browse our different types of rails today and find the perfect solution for your budget and requirements.

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Need more guidance on how to pick your bathroom grab rails? Check out our ultimate guide to grab rails.

If you have any other queries or need more information about our bathroom grab rails, we're here to help. Take a look in our comprehensive FAQs section, where you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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