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Sustainability & Responsibility

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Committed to our sustainability journey.

Our sustainability plan goes much further than 'paper compliance'; we are committed to taking steps to actively reduce our carbon emissions.

Our sustainability journey is well underway, with members of the BOYCO team actively involved in professional training courses to widen our knowledge and inform the rest of the team on best practice.

As well as learning and development, we have already completed several milestones on our sustainability roadmap and look forward to further reducing our carbon emissions this year, and in the years to come.

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Measuring our impact.

We are proud to hold ISO14001 certification. An internationally agreed standard, this ISO sets out the requirements for an environmental management system.

It has helped us to enhance our environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste. This certification also provides assurance that our environmental impact is a key focal point for us; it is being measured and continually improved.

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Taking care of our environment.

BOYCO are currently working towards both FSC and PEFC certifications, and we will be delighted to have full accreditation in June, 2023.

Our FSC certification will formally showcase our ongoing dedication to source our timber from accredited forests only, and we will continue to insist on these stringent measures throughout our supply chain.

Similarly, PEFC certification will highlight that all forest products used by BOYCO are sourced sustainably and legally.

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We are proud of the steps that we have already taken to reduce our carbon emissions.

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Reducing energy consumption

Our Greater Manchester factory and offices were built with a combination of a high-efficiency energy usage specification, as well as a low 'u-value'. As part of our sustainability plan, we also upgraded all lighting on site to LED, and replaced our industrial, powder coating ovens - investments that both led to considerably reducing our energy usage.

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Sustainable finishes

BOYCO's unique, Hot-Dip Nylon coating has been carefully developed to be 100% renewable. An additional step we have taken, is the transformation of our acid-catalysed timber lacquer. This was converted to a high-performance water-borne lacquer, that is non-toxic, non-flammable and still offers an exceptional finish.

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Ethically sourced materials

All timber purchased for use in BOYCO products is done so with extra care to ensure responsible, sustainable procurement. All our American White Ash timber used to manufacture BOYCO products is sourced via the FSC and PEFC sustainable forestry programmes.

Future Plans

Looking forward, we have identified key next steps that form part of our sustainability plan. We are currently in the process of researching and analysing the potential impact of both Solar Panels and Electric Vehicle Charging.

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We are in the process of exploring green, renewable energy produced from solar panels. A feature that would reduce our carbon footprint, solar panels are a suitable prospect to enhance the sustainability of our factory and office building.

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Facilitating electric vehicle charging at our factory and office building is also being investigated. The aim of this is to not only provide a space for the BOYCO team to charge their electrical cars whilst working, but to encourage more of our team to move to electric powered vehicles.

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